Ferdakort - Island Vegaatlas ~ Iceland Touring Atlas

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Ferdakort - Island Vegaatlas ~ Iceland Touring Atlas
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Brand new Touring Atlas of Iceland by IDNU Publishing / Ferdakort. Revised 2015 edition. The essential travel companion for touring in Iceland, this atlas has been created using the latest digital mapping data and contains the most up to date road information available. Each page of mapping has an edge overlap, for simple route progress from page to page. This road atlas is based on a map database on a scale of 1:250 000. In addition to 50 pages of road maps, the Road Atlas contains several theme maps covering accommodation, camping sites, museums, swimming pools and golf courses. There is a place-name index with over 15,500 entries. The format of the atlas makes it very easy to have in a car because when folded it is only 16 x 31 cm. When opened, however, the format's uniqueness is quickly apparent: it unfolds to a width of about 60 cm, which gives an excellent overview of a large land area on each page. The new scale of 1:250 000 makes the maps easier to read. The atlas comes in a protective box, into which it slides.

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